Single Story Prefab House

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Single story prefab house (K room) product materials: as follows

Material: 8 # C steel, Class A fireproof board, window, wood board, screws

Size specification: 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K [Unlimited length] 1K = 1.82M

Color classification: skeleton formulation, white color steel plate

Non-standard customization: can be customized on site according to customer requirements

Product features: convenient disassembly, reasonable price, economical and practical

Warm reminder: single-layer movable board room is generally suitable for construction site kitchen, toilet, etc.

Single story prefab house advantages:

1. [Lifespan] The single-layer color steel movable house is conservative for 5-10 years.

2. [Structure] Light steel structure, generally 8 # C steel with 1.8MM thickness.

3. [Inside and outside, insulation] The mainstream is now fire-resistant rock wool board, foam board.

4. [Site requirements] The thickness of the foundation and concrete foundation should be more than 15 cm. Brick foundations can also be used. The requirements are the same.

5. [Basic] Make the foundation according to the customer's requirements, the indoor ground should be 2-3 cm higher than the outside

6. [Usage] It is widely used in temporary construction houses for field operations such as roads, railways, buildings, etc .; urban government, commercial and other temporary houses

Single Story Prefab House5

Prefab Building Technologies (2)

Fully furnished Temporary Housing 1

Fully furnished Temporary Housing 3

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