Sandwich Panel Prefab House

K-home EPS Sandwich Panel House has different Designs, the above design suitable for 4 people with 1 big bedroom for parents and 1 bedroom for kids. We design 2 bathrooms, which bring convenient to life, what’s more, we design 1 open kitchen with dining room, the modern design brings you high...
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Product Details

The sandwich panel prefab house utilizes light steel structure as the basis of floor load, fully utilizes the strength of the sandwich wall panel and the roof panel, and adopts an effective connection method to form a fixed housing system. The product adopts modular design and the space layout is more flexible. The interior and exterior are more neat and tidy, sealed, and the sound insulation performance is better.


T-type-prefab-house-3Product advantages:

1, convenient transportation, hoisting, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction points;

2, high strength: welded steel structure frame, meeting the strength requirements;

3, beautiful appearance: the wall is used to engage the sandwich panel, the small panel combination design is exquisite, the board surface is scientific, and the surface is smooth and smooth;

4, strong corrosion resistance: good resistance to acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosive, suitable for a variety of wet, corrosive environments. It is waterproof, soundproof, heat-insulating, sealed, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful in appearance.

T-type prefab house

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