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With the development of the African economy, local people have more and more demand for housing. Due to the lack of local steel resources, imported housing is the main channel for local people to obtain housing.
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As hundreds of thousands of refugees flock to Europe, how to find safe and suitable housing for these influxes has become a tough battle for the cities that have not taken in to receive refugees. As a result, many refugees can only sleep on the roadside, with little water, sanitation and food.

Faced with this situation, modular temporary housing as a refugee camp house has become the first choice for refugee resettlement. Because of its low cost, fast construction, safety and comfort, the market has taken over.

Refugee camp house can not only provide temporary accommodation for refugees but also serve as playgrounds. These modular devices can be designed arbitrarily. To meet the needs of refugees for housing.

With the widespread use of modular temporary buildings, it has gradually entered the African market and has become the best solution to the accommodation of working people. Because of its low price and comfortable accommodation, more and more Africans are willing to improve their accommodation.

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Refugee Camp House





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