Modular Constructed Toilet

The modular constructed toilet has good performance,the white is the main color,which give us a comfortable feeling,now,the product is popular all over the world.
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Our company modular constructed toilet has a large space for wheelchair access; the toilet interior space is larger than 1.5m*1.5m, which is conducive to wheelchair rotation; the external department structure of modular constructed toilet is galvanized steel pipe skeleton, In order to resist the special board, the bottom has PVC floor waterproof and metal printing design, which has better anti-slip function. The ventilation fan of the wall behind the toilet ensures air convection and ensures the air in the toilet is fresh; the public bathroom management room is equipped with three-sided aluminum alloy. Sliding window, four sides of the air form convection, and there are water supply and drainage facilities; the toilet door is equipped with two Philips lighting lights; modular constructed toilets, using new materials and design, through the special water and water-saving preparations, to achieve beautiful, Energy saving and convenient effect.

Fast: All components are factory prefabricated, standardized production, convenient transportation, quick assembly on site, no need for secondary decoration.

Comfort: The wall panel is made of fire-proof glass wool board, and the roof and ground system are both insulated and noise-reducing.

Environmental protection: easy to disassemble, can be moved as a whole, has a long service life, and has zero garbage at the installation site.

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Modular Constructed Toilet

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