Detachable Labour Dormitory

Detachable Labour Dormitory can widely used in construction site,hospital, school, mining site, oilfield site.ect. its comfortable and beauty outside appeal many people to choose them fwom all over the world.
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Two layers prefabricatde dormitory is highly regarded for its energy-efficient and sustainable construction. easy install worker house require additional materials to increase waste. However, since the components of the mobile home are built in the factory, additional materials of the portable dormitory building can be recycled internally. This is a considerable improvement in delivering waste directly to landfills than from traditional construction sites. In addition, the factorys controlled environment allows for more precise construction, tighter joints and better air filtration, which in turn allows for better wall insulation and improved energy efficiency.

The temporary living house performance indicators:

1, structure: light steel flexible structure

2, easy to disassemble and install: the steel structure dormitory can be disassembled and reused repeatedly

3, beautiful decoration: flexible layout, bright indoors, generous

4, structural waterproof: no need to do waterproof measures inside the house

detachable labour dormitory (3)

detachable labour dormitory

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