Cheap Prefab Tiny Houses

Performance: Reliable structure: light steel structure is flexible, structure is safe and reliable, and meets the requirements of building structure design standards Easy to disassemble: detachable, reusable multiple times, simple tools for assembly. An average of 20 to 30 square meters per day...
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Product Details

Product description:

The cheap prefab tiny house include three-bedroom, one living room,one diningroom, one kitchen and two bathrooms. K-home is a professional prefabricated house manufacturer and manufacturer. It can provide a variety of typical and modern designs free of charge according to customer needs, such as one bedroom and two bedrooms, three bedrooms. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Modular design, affordable

Their components and components are produced centrally in the factory for packaging and transport to the desired location;

Quick installation and immediate check-in within hours or days, the installation process is environmentally friendly and non-polluting;

Provide safe and durable residential units by combining walls with corresponding structural components

Applicable to family houses, farm accommodation, centralized resettlement houses, etc.;




Technical data:

Floor load capacity: 150kg / m2

Seismic resistance: 8 or above

Waterproof structure: no need for other waterproof treatment

Windproof capacity: wind speed 20m / s, anti-8 wind

Main Accessories:

T-type prefab house