Affordable Prefab House Philippines

Low cost social house offer a rapid, low cost solution for a wide range of accommodation types. Light steel frames provide wall and roof support and walls are formed by composite sandwich panels with integral insulation and a variety of internal and external finishes. The advantages of the social house over concrete building is low cost and fast construction. The house is equipped with a bottom steel structure. Before the construction, only the concrete block needs to be prepared in advance under the foot support. So a large area of concrete foundation is not needed. This way saves concretes, and then saves a lot of money!
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Affordable Prefab House Philippines



1. Convenient transportation, fast and convenient lifting speed

2. High strength: The steel structure frame meets the strength requirements. It is a strong anti-seismic building unit in the building, which is very suitable for post-disaster reconstruction

3. Waterproof and leak-proof design of the whole board, more safe and reliable, good heat insulation effect, good sound insulation effect, safety, no foundation, easy transportation, convenient movement, strong stability, and optional long.

4. Beautiful appearance: the wall adopts color steel sandwich panel and small panel combined design, the products are connected scientifically, and the surface is smooth and smooth.

5. Strong weather resistance: It has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salt spray, etc. It is suitable for various occasions and strong corrosive environments. It has the characteristics of waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful appearance and so on.


Basic Information:

Size: length 5950 x width 3000 x height 2800 (mm: mm)

Wallboard: glass wool composite board, rock wool composite board, etc.

Windows: plastic steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, curtain wall glass windows, etc.

Door: sandwich panel door, aluminum alloy door, wooden door, anti-theft door, etc.

Floor: glass magnesium fireproof floor, solid wood floor, etc.


1. High-end demand for temporary products on construction sites, such as the office of project manager, accommodation, conference room, etc .;

2. The construction site is restricted by the site, and only box-type combination room products can be installed;

3. Houses for field operations; for example: field exploration and construction mobile offices, dormitories, etc .;

4. Emergency room; for example: military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc. The integral hanger series houses have strong adaptability to the environment and are convenient for on-site installation. They can be used as temporary offices, accommodations, integral kitchens, bathrooms, etc. for high-end and high-end requirements.

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Choose prefabricated sandwich panel construction systems for low cost housing projects, cost effective camp accommodation and general purpose buildings where price is the most important deciding factor.

Low cost prefabricated buildings are supplied with a choice of wall panel thickness dependent on local climatic conditions. Standard 50mm thick wall panels are available with Rockwool and galvanised steel wall finishes which offer slightly higher insulation performance.

Our low cost prefabricated homes are manufactured and supplied as a complete package which includes the building, all of the internal and external finishes, sanitary ware and kitchen, plumbing installation and the electrical system and lighting.

Suitable for low cost housing projects, camp applications and a multitude of other building types, sandwich panel construction provides a genuine low cost solution.

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