Affordable Prefab Hosing Solution For Africa

Affordable Prefab Hosing Solution is typically designed and manufactured for the African market. To let the African people can live in an affordable and comfortable house is our dream.
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Most of Africa ’s population is poor, but due to economic growth, Africa ’s socio-economic composition has changed dramatically in the past year. More and more rapid economic development makes more people need to improve their living environment. So affordable prefab housing solution for Africa is necessary. K-home can meet their demands now.

K-home has provided family houses for more than 50,000 people. This family-friendly house is easy to transport, convenient and practical. The prefab housing is a c-shaped steel as the skeleton, the sandwich panel as the enclosing material, and the standard modular series for space combination, and the components are connected by bolts. The new concept of environmentally friendly and economical temporary buildings can be quickly and easily assembled and replaced, realizing the general specifications of temporary buildings, establishing the environmental protection, energy-saving, fast and efficient construction concepts, and making temporary houses into a series of development and integration produce.

T-shaped movable house is a temporary construction product that uses steel structure as the floor load-bearing foundation, makes full use of the strength of the sandwich panel and roof panel, and is constructed by an effective connection system. room. The products are widely decorated in camps, government resettlement, disaster relief, municipal temporary housing, large-scale activities and temporary housing for various commercial activities.

The value only  USD 4000, you can get a 50 square meter family house.


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