Worker Camp House

Worker Camp House

Worker Camp House is popular cheap affordable house for mining site,worker living quarters,oilfield etc.Flxible design and reasonable price could give customer fast installation house solutions.
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Product Details

The weight of the color steel sandwich panel of Worker Camp House is less than 14 kg, which can reduce the Worker Camp House structural load and reduce the structural cost of the movable house. Worker Camp House has many excellent features and features as follows.

1, easy to install

The color steel Worker Camp House has light weight and splicing installation, and has the characteristics of free cutting. Therefore, the movable room is convenient to install, which greatly saves construction time and improves efficiency.

2, durable

The life of color-coated Worker Camp House treated with special coatings is about 15 years. Spraying anti-corrosion coatings every ten years, the life of movable house panels can reach more than 35 years.

3, beautiful

There are dozens of colors in the pressure-type Worker Camp House, which can meet the needs of any style movable room building to meet different needs.

4, thermal insulation

The common thermal insulation materials for Worker Camp House are rock wool, polyurethane, etc., and the thermal conductivity is low. The Worker Camp House has good thermal insulation effect. The high-strength Worker Camp House is made of high-strength steel plate, plus advanced design and roll forming. Therefore, the color steel Worker Camp House has excellent structural characteristics.



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04-K Type prefabhouse

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K-type prefab house

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