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Temporary Site Office

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Temporary  site office features

1. The steel frame structure is combined, safe and reliable, and meets the requirements of the building structure design specifications.

2. House installation requires only simple road tools. The house can be disassembled and reassembled many times, with high reuse rate.

3. The overall appearance of the house is beautiful and elegant. The inner and outer walls and the roof are repainted with colored steel sandwich panels. The core material is polystyrene foam. The plates are bright and colorful, the texture is soft, the surface of the plate is smooth, and it is in harmony with the steel frame of the house. Decorative effect. The house is very decorative

4. Flexible layout: doors and windows can be set at any position. Indoor partitions can be set at wall, and partitions can be added after the house is installed.

5. Structural waterproof: The roof adopts structural waterproof design, without any additional waterproof treatment.

6. Light weight: The weight is about 55/. This is very convenient for the installation, storage, transportation and storage of parts.

7. Appropriate length: All steel frame parts are treated with anti-corrosion spraying. The interior of the house can last up to 10 years.

8. Environmentally friendly products: The house design is reasonable, and it can be disassembled many times. The disassembly and assembly loss rate is extremely low. Construction and disassembly will not produce construction waste.

9. Specification: Most houses use standardized components, and the modulus of length and width is K (1K = 1830). The width of the house is 3K + 120, and the length of the house is N × K + 120 (N = 3, 4, 5...)

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