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Prefabricated Workers Dormitory is a kind of architecture that is built with light steel frame and fenced with the sandwich panel. Prefab provides modular elements that can be combined into larger structures that were connected with bolts. Prefabricated Workers Dormitory has many advantages, for example, easy to assemble/disassemble, really fast installation, long life span, recycling to use, standardized, and environmental-friendly.

We specialize in producing prefabs from the year2007. Our products have the following strengths:

-All the steel structures are galvanized, which means longer service life and good corrosion resistance.

-Floor carrying is designed to 150kg/m2, which can meet 7-degree requirements for seismic resistance and resist 9 grades typhoons.

-It can be easily assembled/disassemble and reusing while just simple tools are needed. 200 square meter area can be installed by six workers in a single day.

-Strength and durability. We can customize your prefab and reach construction standards at the same time.

-Cool in summer and warm in winter, while remains good looking.

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