Prefab Worksite House

Prefab Worksite House

one construction of the mobile home is very fast, and an installation team can install more than 500 square meters a week, which is hard to imagine in the traditional building field, and such a building will not produce construction waste.
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This Prefabricated Warehouse, widely used in buildings like warehouse,commercial architecture, and monolayer workshop, etc.

1. Easier and fast to assemble and disassemble.

2. Simple and flexible decoration, environmental protection design.

3. Excellent characteristics of: strong anti-knock, sound proof, solid and appreciable, easier to install.


1. The two floors’ house has two pcs stair in standard. Each side of
gable wall has one. The stair’s area is 4.5m²/pc. The three floor stair
is 16m²/pc.The area will increase or reduce according the stair’s
*The regular of area counting way:
1.The house area: Exterior wall length ×exterior wall width×floor
2.Standard stair: 4.5m²/pc, corner stair (special for three floors
house): 16m²/pc.
3. Awning area: house shadow area ×0.5.
4. Aisle board area: house shadow area.
5. Total area=1+2+3+4
6. Expect the no standard house, this regular is suitable for all the house.
7. Above regular also is fit for the flat style house.



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