Prefab Worker Camp Accommodation

Prefab Worker Camp Accommodation

K Type Custom Built Prefab Homes is an eco-friendly and economical house with light steel as the frame, and sandwich panel as the enclosure material. The components of K Type Custom Built Prefab Homes are all connected by bolts. What’s more, K-type prefab house can be assembled and disassembled...
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Brief Introduction

Prefab Home 8

In today's society, there are more and more mobile homes. In the place where we build houses, we will see many houses. This house is different from our daily living. This kind of house is temporary and is generally used. As a worker's quarters or some workshops, etc.K Type Prefab Worker Camp Accommodation is an eco-friendly and economical house with light steel as the frame, and sandwich panel as the enclosure material. The K-type mobile home has the characteristics of strong versatility, easy disassembly and assembly, long service life and many turnover times. The floor load is designed according to 150kg/m2, and the seismic intensity reaches 7th.


1. Reliable structure: Light steel flexible structure system, safe and reliable, meets the requirements of building structure design specifications. 

2. Convenient disassembly and assembly: The house can be disassembled and reused many times. The installation process requires only simple tools. The average person can install 20 to 30 square meters per person per day, and 6 people can complete a 3K×10K standard mobile board room in just 2 days. 

3.Beautiful decoration: The overall appearance of the house is beautiful, the color is bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, and it has a good decorative effect.

4.Flexible layout: Doors and windows can be set at any position, and indoor partitions can be set at any horizontal axis. The stairs are set outdoors. 

5.Waterproof structure: The house is structurally waterproof and does not require any waterproof treatment. 

6.Long service life: Light steel structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint, and the normal service life can reach more than 10 years.

7. Environmental protection: The house is designed reasonably, easy to assemble and disassemble, can be recycled many times, has low loss rate and does not produce construction waste. The average annual cost of use is much lower than that of similar materials built by other materials. 

8.Diverse specifications: The house adopts standardized components, and the length and width are measured by K (1K=1820mm).

Main Structure


Maintenance Material 

EPS Foam Sandwich Roof Panel


Glass Wool Sandwich Roof Panel:


Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel:


EPS Foam Sandwich Wall Panel


Installation Step 





We provide enough installation accessories for each house, like expansion screw, flat screw, self-dilling screw, rivet, glue, groove,etc.


K Type Custom Built Prefab Homes Packing and Delivery

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