Prefab Metal Homes

Prefab Metal Homes

A highway construction resident project department. The preset function area of the construction project department has work area, study area, entertainment area, office area, accommodation area, outdoor sports facilities and so on. The construction of the entire building is about 20 days, the...
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Garden-like project site.

Living area to build a beautiful community.

A healthy body and mindset is a guarantee of efficient work. Caring for and serving employees from healthy eating, sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, cultural learning, etc. not only improved the team's identity and cohesiveness, but also reduced the wastage rate, stabilized the project management team, and improved the team's work efficiency.
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Here, gyms, basketball courts, library entertainment rooms, activity rooms, video playback rooms, outdoor fitness equipment and other facilities are available, so that everyone has a rich spare life.
prefab metal homes 04The conference room is spacious and bright, with standard tables and chairs, projectors, speakers and air conditioning in the conference room.

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