Prefab Labor Colony

The main material used in the prefab home kits is a light steel structure, and there are many sandwich panels as the maintenance system of the wall and the construction of the roof. According to the construction area of the customer, it is economical and environmentally friendly, which can be easily built and demolished. The prefab home kits have achieved temporary standard building, and the construction of it has entered a series of systematic and centralized.
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The prefab labor colony is a temporary building that can be built quickly. All construction materials will be produced in our factory and shipped to you. You only need to install according to our drawings. 3-4 people can install 200 square meters a day. Can quickly meet your needs.

Prefab Labor Colony Features

1.Prefab Labor Colony can solve urgent needs

Neat and comfortable mobile home. Due to the convenience of disassembly and assembly, hundreds of mobile homes can be delivered within a few days. On the ruins of the ruins, these brand new huts have become a warm new home after the earthquake.

The construction standard of the disaster relief activity board house is earthquake resistance, heat insulation, fire prevention, and heat insulation. Among them, each household is about 20 square meters, equipped with liquefied gas, water supply, power supply facilities, etc., which can basically meet the living needs of the disaster victims. In addition, schools, garbage rooms, toilets and other related facilities will be constructed according to the proportion of residents. These mobile homes can be used for one to two years, which can solve the living problems of the victims during the transition period and solve the urgent needs.

2.The decoration principle is simple and flexible

Since practicality is the primary choice, and there has been a preliminary space division in the design, the Prefab Labor Colony does not need to be renovated as much as the house we usually live in, but in the living process, it is still necessary to follow conciseness according to its architectural characteristics. Flexible principles for renovation or decoration.

3.Convenient and practical prefab labor colony

Most people will be unfamiliar with mobile homes, but in modern buildings, they are widely used because of their unique advantages. Mobile homes are also divided into different types, the more commonly used is color steel mobile homes.

The wall and roof materials of this mobile home are colored sandwich composite boards. The color steel sandwich panel has the characteristics of thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, light-weight flame retardant, good seismic performance, strong and beautiful appearance, easy installation, effective increase of the area of the house and no need for secondary decoration. The structure of the prefab labor colony is stable and reliable, and the roof is structured with waterproof design, without any additional waterproof treatment. The interior and exterior walls and the roof are bright in color, soft in texture, smooth on the surface, and very harmonious with the steel framework of the house. It has a very good decorative effect and the interior of the house is also very decorative.

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