Prefab Houses for Construction Site

The Prefabricated House Constrution site is using steel structure as frame and sandwich panel as wall & roof. All materials are pre-made in factory, so only need to assembly them on site. It is popular because of its characteristic (rapid production, fast installation, movable, beautiful, environment-friendly etc).
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Product Description

It is a temporary Construction Site, Quick assemble steel structure prefab house is a kind of environmental-friendly and economical house with steel frame as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosing material, space combination with standard modular series, bolted connection.

Application:Widely used for temporary house, as construction site accommodation, site office, classroom, worker dormitory, warehouse etc.





Quick Assembly

The steel beams are arranged and bolted together according to the instructions;

Materials are readily available and can be fabricated to specifications rapidly;

Steel framing also goes together quickly and can cut down on the man hours needed to complete the task.


Cost Saving

It is light-weight compared to timber, which makes it easier to transport and thus, reduces fuel costs and accelerates project schedules.

 Aside from this, it is also energy efficient and can be re

 -cycled, creating minimal raw material wastes.


Long-life Durability

It can withstand extreme forces or harsh weather condi  -tions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes      and heavy snow. They are also unreceptive to rust and,  unlike wood frames, they are not affected by  termites,   bugs,   mildew, mould and fungi. Additionally, they are  more fire-resistant compared to wooden frames. 

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