Mining Site Man Camp

Mining Site Man Camp

Remote Workforce Housing is a kind of cheap affordable house. Widely used for worker accommodation, worksite office,worksite bedroom etc.Solve the problem for Remote Workforce Housing problem on working site.
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The Mining Site Man Camp is a new type of light steel prefab house, which is matched with the material and steel structure. A very good safety effect can be achieved. The specific data is strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above and typhoon resistance of 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses. Therefore, it has been widely used in some earthquake-stricken areas, such as Wenchuan and Japan.

Secondly, the cost of the Mining Site Man Camp is relatively low. Due to some characteristics of the Mining Site Man Camp, compared with some brick houses, its cost is very low, and it can be recycled and used for a long time. According to statistics, Generally, the number of reusables of a Mining Site Man Camp is more than six times. From these data, we can understand that the comprehensive cost of the mobile home is relatively low.

In addition, one construction of the Mining Site Man Camp is very fast, and an installation team can install more than 500 square meters a week, which is hard to imagine in the traditional building field, and such a building will not produce construction waste. This is undoubtedly a good protection for the environment, and it is in line with the current needs.

mining site man camp

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man camp


T-type prefab house

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