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The construction of overseas camps requires not only accommodation and office space, but also some production rooms. Due to the relatively large weight of the traditional H steel structure in China and the long processing cycle, the comprehensive cost of long-distance transportation is relatively high.

Can you develop a product to deal with these problems?

Under this historical background, the R & D team of K-home chose a material that can be cold-formed and mechanized for mass production on the basis of the traditional portal steel frame. After several technical improvements, it has been successfully developed the first generation of low cost prefab houses. At present, this product is widely used in large-scale functional houses such as factories, warehouses, restaurants, and other constructions in overseas camps.

① Good corrosion resistance: the structure is galvanized structure, which greatly improves the moisture resistance and corrosion resistance;

② Short construction period: mechanized mass production can be carried out, the processing cycle is short; full bolt assembly connection can be achieved, and the installation cycle is short;

③ Low cost: low structural steel, low self-weight, low requirements for foundation, packing parts in bulk, which greatly saves the number of boxes.

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low cost prefab houses

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Prefabricated building

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