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The material of the K Prefabricated House Quarter is color coated steel plate as the surface material, self-extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as the core material, and heat curing glue is used in the continuous forming machine Ultra-light building board made by heating and pressing. Cost from USD30 ~ USD45 per square meter, it is the good choice to be as a temporary accomodation.
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The premise of the K Prefabricated House is that the mobile house itself should be qualified to build, so what is the specific construction standard of the mobile house?

First of all, the description of the building design should adopt a double-pitched roof with a slope ratio of 1:1 and 1.5. The standard modular design of the board house is based on K=1820mm, with metal surface rock wool sandwich board used as partition board and connected by horizontal socket. The board room is made of thick foam board as the roof material, the surface is blue, the thickness of the thick foam board is 50mm, the wood plywood is the floor, the thickness is 15mm. What is the construction standard of the mobile board house? Thick foam sandwich board is used as wall material, with a thickness of 50mm. The inner and outer colors are white and gray. It is connected by vertical socket. Colour steel stampings used for window, ridge and gable edge materials, color is blue. The door of the movable board house is steel single door, the window is plastic steel sliding window, white glass. The structural members are sealed in the joints of the board members, and other small gaps are sealed with silicone waterproofing sealant.

Double Storey Quarter (3)

Double Storey Quarter (2)

Double Storey Quarter

cheap worker living Dormitory

K-HOME could supply Prefabricated Houses. Temporary durable light steel panelised solution. Ideal for workers camps. Application. Accomodation; Workers Camp; Hospital.

K-HOME have done a lot of Offsite construction/modular projects large and small. Servicing developers and owners in multi-family, workforce man camps, and commercial using houses.


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