Fully Furnished Temporary Housing

Medical Health Clinic Entertainment Room
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Fully furnished Temporary Housing

With the increase in public safety requirements such as urban construction and emergency security, China has higher standards for temporary housing. Temporary housing products at this stage have problems with poor functions, low degree of industrialization, time-consuming and laborious installation on site, unrecoverable after use, and serious pollution of construction waste. Perfect functions, industrialized production, installation efficiency, economic costs and sustainable reuse are all urgently needed to be improved.

So the steel structure sandwich panel prefab house has been become more and more popular. The advantages of light steel structure housing:

1. Good structural performance, light weight and high strength, and good seismic performance;

2. The steel can be recycled, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than masonry and concrete;

3. Light weight, low base cost

4. Short on-site construction period;

5. There is basically no wet operation on site, and no dust and sewage pollution will occur;

6. The structural member has a small cross-section, thin pillars, thin walls, and a large building area.

Below is our temporary housing camp; it is including the living area, medical health clinic & recreation room.

Welcome send inquiry if you need temporary housing.

Sandwich Panel Refugee Camp House (9)Living Area

Fully furnished Temporary Housing 1

Medical Health Clinic

Fully furnished Temporary Housing 2

Entertainment Room

Fully furnished Temporary Housing 3

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