Construction Site Temporary Housing

Construction site temporary housing can be used for more than 10 years with fast installation and low cost.
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Product Details

Construction site temporary housing is a popular and eco-friendly product for temporary use. This prefab house adopts light steel structure and color-coated sandwich panels as the main material and all components are connected by bolts, which can be assembled and disassembled quickly and save a lot in transportation cost.

This construction site temporary housing is designed with standard module to form different layouts. Each room can be designed for mk*nk*up(1k=1820mm, 1p=950mm).For example, the house can be designed as 3k*60k*6p, which means the size is 5460*10920*5700mm(W*L*H).Thanks to the modularization of this prefabricated house, its manufacture process becomes standard and the production efficiency gets improved greatly. So this temporary housing is widely used for construction site, government settlement housing, disaster relief, public events and etc., which need to deliver big quantity in very short time.

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