Your Oilfield Camp Housing Needs At Factory Direct Pricing

- Jan 04, 2021-

                             Your Oilfield Camp Housing Needs at Factory Direct Pricing

At the begining of the new year, more and more companies are sourcing prefabricated house, such as oilfiled company, construction company, K-Home container house has its own factory, manufacture team, delivery team, all house components are design and suitabe for our own products. You can got special factory price directly.

container camps are for use in the oilfield areas. However, they can also be used in remote stations, holiday camps, etc. also, you can change the design of the containers, windows and door places. The furniture places are also just for your information and you can also change them too.

For assembling the units, we can send a superviser to assemble the products with your workers in the camp area, or we can send a team that will make all the assembly in the camp area. One unit can be assembled within 2 hours.

All units are made up with standard 20 and 40 ft containers. So it is easy to transport, and assemble. If you want, you can add extra containers for bigger places or you can ask for smaller containers for places. You can change your camp place easily with these units.


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