Wuhan Outbreak Relief Container Hospital Interior Details

- Feb 14, 2020-

Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital focused on treating patients with new type of coronavirus pneumonia. The total construction area of the hospital is 33,900 square meters, with 700 to 1,000 beds.

As of the evening of January 24, 2020, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital has leveled up 50,000 square meters of the entire site, which is equivalent to the size of 7 football fields, and transferred 150,000 cubic meters of earthwork. It was leveled overnight, and the gravel backfill was completed on New Year's Eve (January 24, 2020).

First Let us see the container hospital contruction Procedure pictures:

wuhan container hospital

Finally let see the finishing picture for the container hospital insdie

wuhan container hospital inside pictures