Wuhan Container House Hospital For 1000 Patients Installed In 10 Days

- Feb 03, 2020-

Container house hospital play an important role in anti 2019-nCOV war.

The vulcan mountain hospital covers an area of 25,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 beds. It is led by the third bureau of China construction corporation, and three enterprises, including wuhan construction engineering, wuhan municipal administration and hanyang municipal administration, participate in the construction.

Since 22:00 on the 23rd, hundreds of excavators, bulldozers and other construction machinery came from all over the city to carry out field leveling, backfilling and other construction overnight.

After a day and a night construction, as of 20, 24, vulcan hill hospital project drivers in 95, bulldozers, 33, 160 sets of roller 5, dump truck, 160 managers and 240 workers assembled finished, the cumulative level total area of 50000 square meters, the equivalent of seven football pitches, dantian earthwork 150000 cubic meters, enough to fill the 57 a swimming pool, a small heaped-up mountains has been razed, gravel backfill will be done on New Year's eve.

According to the construction of the third bureau project leader introduction, 25 that is, the first day of the New Year, will begin the main construction. During the whole construction period, the project department will work around the clock on two shifts, with 1,500 builders and 280 sets of construction machinery at the peak. At present, each unit has mobilized a reserve team of 2,000 personnel, which can be put into combat at any time according to the needs of the scene.

The reporter also learned from wuhan power supply company of state grid that the overall power supply design drawing of the hospital has been preliminarily defined on the 24th, and it is expected to complete the power foundation construction within 3 days. Power construction will begin at the same time as construction. The power department plans to install 20 units of 630 kva transformer, 4 units of 500 kva transformer and 4 sets of ring cage and other power equipment for the hospital, laying 25 km of power and cable.

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