Wood Structure Integrated House Features

- Sep 26, 2017-

1, Energy saving

The energy efficiency of a building is determined by the insulation properties of the structural systems and materials that make up the building. The wall and truss system of wood structure is composed of wood specification material, wood-based structural cladding and insulation cotton. It has been tested and shown that the 150mm thick wooden structure wall has the same thermal insulation capacity as 610mm thick brick wall and wooden structure. Compared with the concrete structure, it can save 50%---70%, and the energy saving is greatly improved.


2, Environmental protection

Wood is the main building material for renewable energy. In terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, and ecological resource extraction, wood structure is far more environmentally friendly than brick-concrete structure and steel structure. It is a recognized green building; its building materials, The use of the Lidar screw foundation to replace the traditional concrete foundation has increased the eco-friendly and recyclable characteristics.

3, Comfortable

Due to the excellent insulation properties of wood structures, people living in the interior can enjoy the warmth of winter and cool summer. In addition, wood is a natural material, green is non-polluting, has no chemical odor, does not cause harm to the human body, and has good gas permeability, and is easy to maintain indoor air freshness and humidity balance.