Why People Buy Portable Workers Accommodation Directly From China

- Apr 16, 2020-

The portable workers accommodation need strong structure but low cost. Most important is fast installation. China Standard firstly developed the K structure portable buidling. Which make house by modular steel structure.Standard size for every parts of the house.

According with the rich experience for more than 20 years in construction area. China have very great amazing development for civil building and infrastructure. The world call chinese as "Infrastructure Buiding miracle“. So How can china solve the millions of workers for those construction projects?

The big quantity workers need to live, accommodation,safe and happy life in very tough place at the construction site.

According the long time studying, we find out the sandwich panel type house. And we develop it and modify it. So now china have its own desgin standard. Every company could follow the working camp desgin very easily. So many factories follow the same standard so people could build one 10000 square meter workers camp within 10 days. That is a miracle, but very easy to make it come true.

So let us show some details for those kind of K structure type house:


cheap worker living Dormitory