What Should Be Paid Attention To When The Container Is Transformed Into A Store?

- Jan 15, 2015-

1. Standardized unit body: The characteristic of container construction is the standardization of scale. Container construction units come from ready-made containers and are subject to the constraints of existing cabinets. Most container external scales have a uniform scale. The following figures are three commonly used scales. It can be seen that the net space that can be used is relatively short, the indoor height is low, and the lateral space is narrow and long. Full consideration of ergonomics greatly affects the customer experience and construction quality. You can stack several container boxes, but you must fully consider the structure and safety, not to mention the vertical space, the more demanding structure to stabilize.

2. Lifespan: The life of the container in the transportation industry is generally 10-15 years. The undamaged container box that has been eliminated still has outstanding physical properties. It can generally be used for 15 years. If the maintenance is good, Or mix other structures such as concrete to be more durable~

3. Protection method: The container data is affected by the physical characteristics of the metal structure, the heat conduction capacity is strong, and the thermal insulation performance is poor, which makes the indoor thermal environment unstable. It is necessary to additionally set the thermal insulation layer to control the indoor thermal environment, and in the south. The regional demand for the container box to be shaded to insulate, can save a cost of energy; in addition, the box is prone to rust, the need to paint rust-proof paint inside and outside the container to resist rust. One point to note is that when shipping is often used to avoid the spread of pests and diseases, some of the container paints used in the production of paints use chromate, phosphorus or lead-containing paints, thus making it possible to identify the origin of the box before the store. For some of the cabinets, the original residual paint should be polished and used safely.

4. Appearance: The good principle is that it can become an exquisite exhibit in the city. Together, it can make customers see that the construction is from the container, and the talent is more innovative and artistic. The picture below shows the AETHER container clothing store. The exterior color is simple and the atmosphere is combined with the misplacement to form an interesting facade. Leading new elements into urban space. The treatment of the appearance is generally started from the color and the shape. The color and the picture are very suitable to bring a little literary fan. The customer locates the youth collective. The shape is that several boxes are placed at different scales, viewpoints and heights, so that it has some overhead. , balcony, corridor, what space. This is a very basic method of constructing the design. Even a layman can try it, paying attention to the triangular space where the acute angle does not occur and the space that the human body cannot use.