What Is The Modular Container House ?

- Jan 14, 2020-

Modular house is a building system that hits the fashion trend again and again. It can be moved to any place at any time and place, bringing more convenient and comfortable life. Solar photovoltaic panels can be used for indoor electricity, solar water heaters can be used for heating and water supply, and the discharge of indoor showers and domestic water is purified by a sewage treatment system for reuse. Depending on the number of people, it can be extended to houses of different sizes.


Modular houses are ideal for temporary structures and can be built almost anywhere. Temporary construction is the temporary buildings, structures and other temporary facilities that construction enterprises must build in order to carry out construction and living. Compared with traditional buildings, temporary construction has the advantages of safe and durable structure, fast installation and complete facilities. Another great advantage of temporary construction is its portability, which can not only be conveniently transported between different event venues, or be removed and stored when not in use, but can be completely transported out of the venue and dismantled immediately.