What Industries Are Container House Mainly Used In?

- Jul 20, 2020-

The container house is a new concept environmentally friendly economical mobile house with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, and space combination with standard units. Container houses can be assembled and conveniently quickly, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient construction concepts, and making temporary houses enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and availability, and can be used many times.

Main purpose of container house:

Container dormitory-4

1. Due to the high-end demand for temporary construction house on construction site and site restrictions, only modular container house can be installed, such as contractor offices, conference room, workers' dormitories, restaurants, etc.

The construction site should be a scene where there are more applications of container house, and its service target is the first-line construction workers of the construction site, providing them with a temporary shelter from the wind and rain. K-home container house is more professional, meticulous and user-friendly in internal equipment, and can also be used as a medium-to-high-end family container living home, container hotel, etc.


2. Housing for field operations, such as mining site camps, oil field camps, military camps, etc.

Many wild explorers and investigators sometimes need to collect specimens and conduct experiments in the wild for a long time. If you rely on tents alone, it is completely impossible to meet the needs of life, especially in some uninhabited fields. Resist beasts and all kinds of poisonous insects. At this time, the role of container camp has become very prominent, and the field of field work has become another application field of container house that are worthy of trust.


3. Temporary construction houses, such as temporary prefabricated classrooms, resettlement houses for victims, emergency container hospitals, isolation ward rooms, etc.

Earthquakes and floods are often incidental to the homelessness of the victims. The exposed environment not only makes it difficult for the victims to be cured physically and mentally, but also may cause potential disasters and infectious diseases. Therefore, in some areas where conditions permit, the use of container mobile houses to quickly build resettlement houses, emergency hospitals and temporary classrooms as a transition of post-disaster reconstruction, is actually a better choice than traditional tents.



5. Scenic spots or public areas, public toilets, bathrooms, etc.

One of the main reasons why ablution container are recognized and widely used is that the installation work of ablution container is very convenient. It only needs to be transported by truck to a designated place for placement, and each drainage and defecation pipeline can be put into use immediately. High efficiency solves the problem of lack of toilets in some public places. Container mobile toilets are especially suitable for public places such as parks, large-scale outdoor activities, various competition activities, streets, tourist locations, etc. In the design , single or multiple containers can be spliced and combined according to actual needs. The internal space is freely cut according to functional requirements. The external environment is creatively created with graffiti, pasting and other forms in accordance with the requirements of scenic landscape coordination , making the ablution container a beautiful and moving scenery.