What Does A Container Ward Look Like?

- Mar 27, 2020-

What does a container ward look like?

Built-in drainage power supply system, independent bathroom, two independent channels for doctors and patients, 95% of the procedures are completed in the factory, and the whole box is shipped to the construction site ...

The container isolation ward is white inside and outside, each about 18 square meters in size, with windows and separate toilets. The board is made of 75 mm thick, rock wool insulation board that achieves Class A fire protection.


How is a container isolation ward different from a traditional container?

The latter is relatively tight, and the ward requires negative pressure, and the air density must be smaller than the outside to ensure that the germs do not spread outside. At the same time, there are medical facilities supporting it, which requires higher aseptic environment than ordinary containers. No formaldehyde, ensuring the safety and comfort of the patient.

Due to the urgent construction time of the hospital, in order to improve the efficiency, the company strived to leave 95% of the procedures to be completed in the factory.


"Each box has a groove suitable for the crane's head. When the crane is hoisted and sterilized, it can be used for water and electricity. A 17.5-meter flatbed can pull three containers. "Each container is about 18 square meters. A ward is usually composed of three containers, which can accommodate at least 4 beds. The patient and medical staff channels have been isolated in the design. Avoid virus flow.

In this special period of world anti-epidemic, Henan K-home company will fully support the global anti-epidemic action and efficiently feedback and produce quickly to meet customer purchase needs.