What Are The Types Of Standard Shipping Containers?

- Feb 20, 2020-

In this era of highly developed logistics, reliable standard shipping containers have been promoted in many industries. Reputable standard containers can ensure the safety and quality of goods. At the same time, standard containers also belong to a relatively complete transportation system that allows goods to be transported To achieve standardization, what are the types of tools of great significance invented in the field of human logistics?

What are the types of standard shipping containers?

1. Open top shipping container

The convenience of an open-top standard container is that its top can be loaded and unloaded at any time. The top of the open-top standard container has two types: soft and hard. The hardtop is made of thin steel plates, and its loading and unloading tools are cranes. The soft top is mostly made of canvas and plastic cloth, which can be opened only by rolling it up. Open top standard containers are suitable for loading on wood, steel and fragile heavy cargo.

2. Ventilated shipping container

The characteristic of the ventilated standard container is "ventilation". The means to achieve ventilation is to set multiple vents on the top and sides of the container to keep the goods dry and ventilated during transportation. Ventilated standard containers carry mostly vegetables and fruits. The ventilated container can not only transport these fresh fruits and vegetables, but also can be used to transport other groceries if the vents are closed.

3. Bench type shipping container

The standard container of the gantry type does not have a side wall and a box top, only a bottom plate and corner posts on the four corners. This type of container can be loaded and unloaded at different angles, and there are no restrictions on front, back, left and right. Therefore, this type of container is more suitable for carrying large and long goods, such as some wood, steel, and heavy machinery. Because the standard container of the bench type has no top, its waterproof performance is not good. If it is installed on the cargo in rain or snow, it must be sealed with canvas.

In addition to the above three types of standard shipping containers, there are platform type, refrigerated type, tank type, automobile type, animal type, and clothing and bulk cargo type. The types are different and their uses are also very different. In short, standard containers There are various types that can be used to hold various types of goods. When choosing standard containers, you can choose and use according to the characteristics of the goods.