What Are The Types Of Integrated Houses?

- Mar 08, 2015-

Color Steel Activity Room:

The movable board room used on the construction site is also a kind of integrated house. Usually, C-shaped steel, H-shaped steel welded skeleton, wall panel and roof panel are insulated and color steel sandwich panels, which are assembled into simple houses.

Light steel structure house:

The light steel house has very good thermal insulation properties, because his design is based on safety and livability. It contains insulation and insulation to prevent thermal bridge. The winter house is very warm and the summer is very cool. Really It has been warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, it is basically impossible to make a stove in winter and no air conditioner in summer.



The wooden structure, that is, the load-bearing member, is a single-layer or multi-layer wooden structure made of square or round wood. The wooden house is not only cool in winter and cool in summer, but also strong in moisture resistance and moisturizing. It also contains a strong cultural atmosphere, and the appearance is simple and elegant.