What Are The Systems For Container Mobile Board Houses?

- Mar 22, 2016-

First: the structural system, the so-called structural system, refers to the skeleton of the container moving board room, and the structural condition of its overall movable board room is composed of this structure.

Second: the above-ground system, when we use the container to move the board room, we will find that its ground is also in the overall structure of a house. It has ground on the ground of the wooden floor, and some other ground conditions.

The third is the floor system and the floor system. This thing is also very important for the container moving board room. If the floor system is not safe and the stability is not high, it will directly affect the application of the product.

Fourth: wall system, wall system, some manufacturers do relatively thin, some manufacturers do thicker, thick wall and thin wall surface it must have a certain difference.

Fifth: the roofing system, the so-called roofing system, refers to the roof condition of the entire house site. This product is also quite special. The biggest advantage of the container moving board house is that it is detachable, movable, and does not damage the land. It also has a very large application prospect.