What Are The Applicable Scopes Of Container Board Houses?

- Jun 26, 2015-

1. Public scope

The use of container houses is often seen in public areas, such as public toilets or street kiosks or security stations, which are often used in public areas that are simple to move and easy to maintain. Facilities in the public domain are inevitably damaged by human or other factors, and a quality-consolidated container house can reduce many failure problems and extend the life of the application. It can help all units to save more capital for building public-scale buildings.

2, Private villa

Many container houses are now being developed for use in private villas, primarily because of their durability and durability. Other container houses can also be modified or multi-layered according to individual design. Not only can it be easy to shape, but also save the information of many buildings. With less capital contribution, individual private villa construction can be completed.

3. Construction site

Large-capacity construction sites are also “big customers” who use container houses. Because of the frequent need for relocation or movement of the construction site, there is no need to worry about the location of the workers in the container house, and it is not only troublesome to move with the whole site but also more Reuse and save money.

4, The road next to the shop

Many roadside shops also use field container houses to operate, not only can be simple to build, but also can quickly move overall when you want to change the operating address. This makes it easy to complete the liquidity operation mode, and does not need to repeat the cost of renovation.