The Prospect Of K-Home Container House

- Oct 25, 2019-

The rise of mobile houses in the construction market is the result of fundamental changes in the diversity of people's living and working environment. Because of its characteristics of removable, assembled and transportable, mobile houses facilitate the groups with unstable living and working environment and strong mobility. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing requirements for mobile room technology, quality and function, mobile room, a unique building product, has become an environment-friendly, energy-saving, comfortable and high-end house integrating various high-quality building materials, and is developing towards standardization, integration, serialization and modularization.

In the past, the application field of mobile room was limited to temporary or short-term urgently needed workers' dormitory, on-site office room and simple public toilet room on the construction site, which developed into the hotel type mobile room and shopping mall type mobile room in the current tourist attractions and large shopping malls; the comprehensive joint venture of mining area and field needs long-term use of living type mobile building, office formula mobile building and sales hall type mobile building. Mobile room, restaurant type mobile room; outpost type mobile room, dormitory type mobile room in the army, as well as comprehensive office building and comprehensive control room of large-scale entity enterprises. Nowadays, the emergence of mobile rooms with various functions has brought great convenience to people's life and work. With the development of society, mobile houses will be widely used in various fields.