Temporary Container School Building

- Sep 26, 2019-

The project is located in the small town of Kloschnaville in Slovenia, close to Austria. In recent years, the number of children in the town has increased rapidly, and kindergartens have not been able to meet this growing demand. The government plans to build a larger new kindergarten next to the old kindergarten, which is now a medium-term project for the transition. This temporary kindergarten finally uses container houses, so the construction time is short and the cost is low.

portable school

Ajda Kindergarten is an expansion project of the original kindergarten. The original kindergarten is centered and three 20-foot container houses are added next to it. The whole project is completed in one day, and the child can go in and study after two weeks. This temporary kindergarten can accommodate 14 children. Using three container houses to form a single space, serving fourteen children, it blends perfectly with the old structure, naturally transitions, and cleverly utilizes the ancillary facilities of the old structure, such as changing rooms and bathrooms.

container house

In order to maintain a uniform style between the new building and the original building, the sticker artist Kitsch-Nitsch designed the facade of the new container building. The exterior of the container house uses colorful stickers and a friendly pattern that changes the rough texture of the steel box girder and creates a striking and playful look, which is loved by children, parents and staff. A vivid image is drawn on both sides of the object, and the characteristics of the container frame structure are taken into consideration to avoid window opening. On the north side, a big smile is drawn to welcome the child.

mobile classroom