Temporary Container Office Center In Xiong'an

- Sep 30, 2019-

Xiong'an Citizen Service Center is the first construction project of Xiong'an New District and is the window for Xiong'an New District facing the whole country and the world. The project is located on the east side of Rongcheng County, and is composed of four areas: public service area, administrative service area, living service area and enterprise temporary office area. Among them, the temporary office area of the enterprise is located on the north side of the whole park, and consists of one hotel, six office buildings and a public service street in the middle.

container house

Special request

The whole project is very special. Although it is a temporary building (preliminarily expected to be used for about 10 years), the requirements put forward by the management committee are very high: construction should be fast - must be completed within 1 year; quality should be high - to be with Xiong'an International The requirements of standards and high-point positioning are consistent; the concept is new – it must play a demonstration role in the future construction of Xiong'an. To deal with so many real issues, we need to make breakthroughs in the construction mode and planning mode to find a new coping strategy.

prefabricated building

Fully assembled, integrated box module system

Based on the particularity of the project, the project innovatively adopts a box-type modular construction system. The entire building consists of modules of 12m x 4m X3.6. The integration of each module is high, the structure, equipment pipeline, interior and exterior decoration is all processed in the factory, and the site can be completed only by assembling.

Factory-based processing can not only effectively control the quality of the building, but also achieve mass production and shorten the construction period; each module is self-contained, and when the group completes its "temporary" historical mission, all modules Can be moved to another place, reassembled, and reused.

portable house

Growthable planning model

Inspired by the classic paradigm of the "cross ", the standard module is combined into a group of cross-shaped building units. The traffic core is located at the center of the cross, forming a public service space, and the office space is arranged around the traffic core.

modular house

Open green office model

There is a complete shared service system here. As the first start-up project of Xiong'an New District, the surrounding areas are all farmland, and the supporting facilities are obviously insufficient. We have a public service platform in the middle of the venue, where you can have different choices, staff restaurants, specialty restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, unmanned supermarkets, stationery stores, everything you need.

container office

Here is the closest relationship with nature. The building is not arranged along the perimeter of the base, but close to the shared commercial street in the middle, leaving plenty of green space on the outside. The undulating micro-topography naturally forms a rain garden. You can walk along the curved walkway after work, or you can go to the basketball court and badminton court in between. The various floors of the building have withdrawn from many rooftop platforms, providing space for communication and activities for those working here.

modular building