Standardization Trend Of The Construction Industry - Flat Pack Container House

- Oct 09, 2019-

The modular container House components are all standardized, and are factory prefabricated. The production activities are carried out in an environment-controlled factory, which is carried out simultaneously with the on-site work, which effectively shortens the construction period. 

container classroom

The installation conditions are not affected by bad weather, and have long-term involvement in sustainable development, which meets the environmental requirements of the current development form in China. The specific performance of the modular room products has a long service life. In more than 20 years, it can meet multiple cycles of use; the prefabricated modular room mode realizes on-site installation without garbage; no noise, quick and no damage to the site environment during construction, project removal Restoring the original appearance of the site is a true protection of the environment and a truly sustainable industry.


Prefab Container Dormitory