Residential Container Introduction

- Aug 18, 2013-

Experts believe that the development of "resident containers" may be an effective way to deal with the difficult housing problems of low-income people in the future when the supply of housing is tight or the purchaser has restrictions.

Similar to the phenomenon of being forced to live in a container under the pressure of housing, it is widespread throughout the country, and a new job has emerged as the times require - container house developers.

From Yantian and Buji in the east, to the rule of the people in the west, and in Fuyong, along the road, you can see many such advertisements - "resident containers, 6 yuan per day." Faced with the average price of nearly 20,000 yuan in Shenzhen's property market, this ultra-low-rent "residence" may begin to slowly enter people's horizons.

In foreign countries, the concept of container houses has been widely used. Once a container is slightly modified, it can be turned into a warm cabin with windows and doors. In Shenzhen, is this kind of container a savior for migrant workers, the bottom of the population, and even poor college students?

In the "new-professional" industrial chain of container development, a small-planned container transformation and processing of small bosses can easily earn tens of thousands of yuan a month.