Recognize Several Special Application Containers In Life

- Jul 08, 2016-

1, Open top container

As can be seen from the name, this kind of box top can be loaded and unloaded in a relatively convenient manner. This is not the general type. The hard top material is thin steel plate. It is necessary to use heavy machinery to carry out loading and unloading. The use of plastic cloth, so first-class is more advantageous. With the convenience of comparison, this quality guarantees that the Guiyang container standard is divided into a 20-foot open top cabinet and a forty-foot open top cabinet.

2, Reefer container

According to the literal meaning, this kind of primary frozen food can hold relatively low temperature inside the box, and is specially used to transport fish, shrimp, vegetables and other items. It is divided into two types: mechanical and clutch. The size of the easy-to-use container standard is used for different aspects.

3. Platform container

This kind of container standard that you can trust is also divided into two sizes, twenty feet and forty feet. It only retains the general type of bottom plate. It is mainly used to load particularly long and heavy goods. This special type of application is once Significant significance, because it declares that the container does not have to have a volume.

The above introduced us to several special varieties of containers. Other types of animals, cars and other types have corresponding applications in the specific transportation process. They are not listed here. Different manufacturers will choose according to their own needs. Different honest container standards and materials will then work to the fullest extent. Then complete the leap-forward success in the profession. Adding color to the face of the delivery profession. We often see containers in various port terminals and logistics. The container is a very good loading container when the required goods are loaded and transported.