Prefab Modular Containers For Mining Site Accommodation Camp In Ghana

- Sep 22, 2020-

K-home is packing up 200 modular container for mining site accommodation camp to be sent to Ghana.


The Mining Site Accommodation Camp all used the standard 20 ft flat pack containers , consisted of 50mm thick composite panels over the ceiling and onto the walls as the insulation layers with electrical cabling preset and coming out of the electrical points holes on the panels, fiber cement boards and vinyl flooring as floor finish.

oilfield camp-1

Inside each container room are equipped with writing desk and chair, washroom, water storage tank, wash basin and mirror, solar panels and AC units. In addition, there are entrance steps for each container room so that people can come in and go out of the rooms.

The location of this project is close to the seashore so high anti-corrision will be required, hot-dip galvanizing has been used for the coating process to make the life time over 25 years in such a humility and salty conditions.


It’s the first time for K-home to deal with container modules transported to Ghana. We believe this job is a milestone for our development. We’ve got good news that the client is happy about the status of these container modulars after the inspection last week and will place subsequent orders later on.