Prefab House Transport To Somalia

- Aug 02, 2019-

On April 23, 2019, we received an enquiry from our Somali customer. After our pleasant communication, we began to design a plan for them according to customer needs. In order to let customers have a better experience, we also designed a 3D map. In the process, we spare no effort to modify the program to understand the needs of customers and strive for perfection. After a month of communication, the final plan was finalized. After that, we immediately communicated with the production department, and finally completed the production of all materials in one week. During the period, we updated the production process to the customer and finally sent the goods to the customer port on July 27.

This is our T-shaped board room sent to our long-term Somali partner. Our factory adopts prefabricated production. The sandwich panel is made of 10kg thick double-sided steel plate with a thickness of 0.35mm, and the sandwich material has a thickness of 75mm thick EPS. Good fireproof and waterproof effect. We can design floor plans for our customers free of charge, providing 3D and graphic design drawings. Our house has been sold to many countries and has been used in many countries, so we have a lot of experience for different purposes to meet your different requirements.

prefab house transport to Somalia

prefab housetransport to Somalia