Prefab Container Camps For Construction Site

- Jul 24, 2020-

Portable prefab container camps for mining exploration site, drilling operations site, and seismic surveys site.

K-home offers portable container camp for all types of commercial exploration. Regular customers in this category include mining exploration and drilling companies, seismic crews, and research organizations.

Exploration typically takes place in remote areas with no road access – from lush jungles in the humid tropics to harsh, frozen tundra. Whether your expedition is intended for hot or cold climates, we can make a camp for all destinations.

K-home exploration container camps can include accommodation, kitchens, wash houses, offices, recreation facilities, and medical rooms. These applications can be housed in our prefab camps, flat pack containers, or be a combination of both.

K-home prefab modular container camp are designed for every environment across the planet.  whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighbourhood, apartment complex or hotel, performs as high quality, cost-effective housing and work space.

 mining site camp