Nucleic Acid Testing Container Cabin Built Only In 70 Hours

- Apr 16, 2020-

After three days and nights of fierce battle, a nucleic acid testing container cabin service area that meets the infectious disease prevention and control regulations was built on the east side of the North Plaza of the Emergency Department of Union Hospital. There are 8 sampling rooms, 4 billing rooms and 2 comprehensive service rooms in the cabin, which standardizes the flow of patients and improves the sampling capacity of the hospital's new crown nucleic acid. Today, the container cabin will be officially put into use.

Carrying out large-scale nucleic acid detection is a prerequisite and effective means for precise prevention and control. In order to meet the emergency needs of completing large-scale sampling in a short period of time, after strict demonstration in the early stage, Concord Hospital decided on June 18 to transform a 40-meter-long and 4-meter-wide green space in front of the east side of the North Plaza of the emergency department into a nucleic acid detection cabin. On the same day, the construction of the new crown nucleic acid sampling shelter was officially launched, and the staff began to remove the green belts, street lamps, and leveling the site. At the same time, the container manufacturers processed and customized the container at the factory, the production was completed in one day, and the container was delivered to the Union Hospital in the early morning of the 20th. The workers installed the container overnight. Yesterday, the construction project of nucleic acid detection container has been completed and accepted.

container cabin (1)

container cabin (5)

container cabin (3)