National Prefabricated Building Demonstration Leading Zone In Xinxiang

- Jan 08, 2021-

Prefabricated building is a building assembled on site with prefabricated parts and components. Compared with the on-site construction method, the prefabricated construction method helps to shorten the construction period, reduce construction dust and construction waste, and improve labor efficiency and quality and safety. .

Xinxiang City scientifically allocates production capacity and intensively develops the prefabricated construction industry. Build an international production-research demonstration park for prefabricated buildings that integrates R&D and design, component production, construction and installation, equipment manufacturing, logistics distribution, inspection and testing, completion acceptance, and operation and maintenance evaluation in the central urban planning area.

Forming an industrial agglomeration effect and speeding up the construction of a national prefabricated building demonstration highland. Relying on the R&D and design advantages of the China Academy of Building Research in prefabricated buildings, Xinxiang City will take advantage of the national prefabricated building industry base in terms of supporting products to establish Xinxiang City Steel Prefabricated Construction Industry Development Group realizes the combination of strong and powerful and complementary advantages, forms the innovation chain, industrial chain, and capital chain for the development of prefabricated buildings, and creates a new growth pole for economic and social development.