Mordern Design : The Modular Container For Construction Site Office

- Dec 16, 2019-

With the rapid development of the construction industry, the requirements of the building's façade are also changing with each passing day. The exterior wall is a glass curtain wall or construction products with decorative accessories added to the wall have more and more advantages. Recently, K-home launched a product design plan. Changes in the design of the exterior walls and roof give the box room more advantages.


Modular Container House exterior wall design: the exterior wall is composed of glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall on the outer wall is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has good indoor light environment. Now, spring is blooming. Imagine that during the busy work interval, through the transparent glass curtain wall, look at the green scenery outside, and give your eyes and mind and body a little rest. Working or living in this space is also a A desirable thing.


Glass curtain wall is available in three product configurations.

1.Steel structure supports point glass curtain wall

Structural system——Fish-belt flat steel pipe truss system, with fair and economical structure.

Connection characteristics-Intersecting welded joints between steel pipes, smooth lines and delicate joints.

Artistic characteristics-fish belly trusses are arranged in parallel, generous and transparent.

2.Single-layer cable net supports point-supported glass curtain wall

Structural system—Single-layer flat cable net structure with cross braided by vertical and horizontal cables resists external load and is a prestressed geometrically nonlinear flexible system.

Structural characteristics-The structure is based on the principle of a tennis racket, and the cable net generates stiffness against out-of-plane loads through the applied prestress.

Scope of application-suitable for large-span openings such as the entrance facade of the atrium.

Architectural effect-is the most transparent curtain wall system, giving you unobstructed visual impact.

3.Cable rod supports point-supported glass curtain wall

Structural system-The structure is composed of a cable or a tie rod and a steel structure, and is a prestressed self-balancing system.

Structural characteristics-Pre-stressing is applied to the tie rods and cables by the pre-tensioning method. The pre-stressing force relies on its own structural balance and greatly reduces the load transmitted to the main structure under the external load.

Architectural effect-simple, bright and compact.

Modular Container House exterior wall design: exterior wall decoration

In addition to using the glass curtain wall with the advantages of controlling light, regulating heat, saving energy, improving the building environment, increasing aesthetics, etc. as an overall exterior wall, we can also decorate other exterior wall parts of the box room to achieve a better effect.

Exterior wall coatings: Architectural coatings are a relatively economical material for modern building decoration materials, with simple construction, short construction period, high work efficiency, good decoration effect and convenient maintenance. Exterior wall coatings have the characteristics of good decoration, resistance to pollution and aging, easy construction and maintenance, and reasonable prices.

Ceramic decorative materials: Ceramic exterior wall tiles are durable, colorful and rich in decorative effects, and have the advantages of easy cleaning, fire resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs.

Architectural decorative stone: including natural facing stone (marble, granite) and artificial stone. Natural decorative stone decoration is good and durable, but the cost is high. Artificial stone has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low price and convenient construction.


WPC board: good strength, high hardness, non-slip, abrasion resistance, no cracking, no moth, low water absorption, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, resistant to high temperature of 75 ℃ And low temperature of -40 ℃. It does not contain toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc., and does not release harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. It will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution. It can be recycled and reused and reprocessed. With the natural appearance and texture of wood. It has better dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots, no cracks, warping, and deformation. The product can be made into a variety of colors, and the surface does not need to be re-painted for a long time.

Anticorrosive wood: It has three basic functions of preventing termites, fungi, and corrosion. Anti-corrosive wood also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong loss resistance. At the same time, it can suppress the change of moisture content of the treated wood and reduce the degree of wood cr