Modular Container School

- Dec 18, 2019-

The school has been built using 18 container houses to connect 6 standard classrooms. The building is divided into two floors and three classrooms on each floor. The first and second floor classrooms are connected by steel staircases. A total of 18 containers with double-layer bodies were prefabricated in the factory and hoisted on site.


Container classroom side

The factory prefabrication production cycle is about 20 days, and the main frame, wall insulation and internal circuit installation and production are mainly carried out. The single house size on the first floor is 6000 * 3000 * 2800㎜ (length, width, height). The three single house is 6000 * 9000 * 2800 mm. The container house height is almost 3 after ceiling decoration Meters are much higher than conventional buildings. This design is to prevent students from feeling depressed during long periods of learning, and to increase classroom lighting.


Container classroom interior

Compared with the requirements, the load capacity of the container is higher, and the structural stability is better. During the hoisting process, in order to ensure the sound insulation effect of the container classroom, sound insulation cotton was added between the upper and lower houses to reduce the noise.

The container classrooms produced and co-produced have a short period of work and a large workload. In order to eliminate the safety hazards in the process of children s learning and living, they include stairs, house corners, door design, railing height, etc Humanized design changes were made.