Modular Container Buildings - Container Office

- Sep 05, 2019-

The container office is mostly used for the work of construction site office locations. It is mostly built with standard container houses. The modular container office built for multi-container splicing to meet office needs is used by customers. The modular container office has a variety of shapes and flexible functions. It can be divided into offices, conference rooms, warehouses, office bathrooms, office dining kitchens, office dormitory rooms and other multi-purpose integrated office areas.


The modular office is mature and widely used, and can be used as an office space, a conference venue, and a temporary office. It is the first choice for on-site office work of major companies. The structure is made of steel structure and the supporting facilities are comprehensive. Pre-installation at the factory and rapid deployment of on-site hoisting layouts.


In the field office camp, the construction of office space is a prerequisite for all work to be carried out smoothly, but many office sites are not suitable for civil construction investment due to various restrictions such as terrain, environmental protection, and duration of use. In the early field office camps, more use of panel-type integrated houses. In the market, the plate-type integrated houses are light in weight, thin in sheet, hot in summer, not warm in winter, short in service life, etc., which have been gradually eliminated by the market, and the prefab container office is more and more well known and recognized by the public.


Container Office Advantages:

1. It is convenient and convenient for transportation and lifting.

2, high strength: the outer wall full steel plate welded steel structure frame, to meet the strength requirements. Wind and earthquake resistance

3, the top of the overall welding, the whole board waterproof and leakproof design, more secure and reliable

4. Internal beauty: The inner wall adopts color steel sandwich panel and small panel combined design. The product connection is scientific and the surface is smooth and smooth.

5, strong weather resistance: suitable for a variety of wet, corrosive environments. It is waterproof, soundproof, heat-insulated, sealed, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful in appearance.

6, typical applications: offices, headquarters, conference rooms, staff quarters, field operations, equipment, oil and gas mining.

Container house size:

Single box (standard room), 6m * 3m * 2.8m

Assembled box-type houses can be assembled up and down, left and right, or customized according to customer requirements.

Exterior of container house: 1.2-2.0 thick steel plate welding

Interior of container house: fireproof rock wool insulation, color steel sandwich composite board (beige interior)

Top of the container: fireproof rock wool insulation, decorative ceiling (polyurethane selection)

The bottom of the container house: the floor is PVC floor or wooden floor

Container interior decoration configuration: doors and windows, lighting, socket, switch, exhaust fan, air conditioning (optional)

Appearance color: According to customer,s preference, custom spray color (internal and external anti-rust spray)

Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd recommends that you consider container office buildings when considering field office camps. Container houses will play a vital role in the face of extreme weather conditions due to their good flood, wind and seismic performance. At the same time, the good overall structure of the container office can greatly improve the service life of the container office, and can be quickly deployed and transported.