Khomehouse Products Are Constantly Upgraded, Using High-quality Raw Materials, And Product Upgrade Prices Are Favorable.

- Apr 03, 2020-

Since the advent of container housing, there have been more developments and more changes in materials. From previous foam sandwich panels, to phenolic sandwich panels, and now to rock wool sandwich panels, these materials Gradually with better quality and functions, we can produce more container mobile home products with better quality and better functions. In recent years, with the strengthening of people's safety awareness, fire safety has become more and more important. People in many places use this type of house to require that the fire rating must be A, while many foam sandwich panels used before are not B It is required that many construction sites have been ordered to replace container mobile homes with better fire protection functions within the time limit. In this way, rock wool sandwich panel container mobile homes have gradually been favored by people. The corner post and galvanized flat pass strengthen the box's bearing capacity, and it is firmer when the two layers are stacked. The floor is changed from fire-resistant board to cement tile, which is beautiful and clean, and also waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

Khomehouse products are constantly upgraded, using high-quality raw materials, and product upgrade prices are favorable. After years of use and development, container mobile housing has greatly improved and improved. It has been widely used throughout the country, from dormitories at construction sites to temporary shops on the market, from temporary temporary houses to temporary groups The residence, the container mobile housing can be seen everywhere, providing people with a variety of temporary housing, so that drifting people have a place to stay.

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