K-home, To Create The Most Satisfactory Contruction Project For Customers!

- Sep 16, 2019-

Speaking of the temporary contruction project, most people first think of poor safety, ugly appearance, and inner soil. In short, it belongs to the level of low to slag.

Nowadays, with the increasingly diversified forms of engineering construction, its unique practicability and the form and beauty of architecture have been fully demonstrated, and the public's stereotypes about the construction of the project have been broken one by one.

Compared with traditional buildings, engineering construction has the advantages of safe and durable structure, quick and easy installation, complete and comfortable installation, and the ability to move as a whole.

K-home project temporary construction atlas

Project Name: Zhengzhou Engineering Camp Office

Customer: China Architecture

Project Location: Zhengzhou, Henan

Number of modules: 50 units container house

Building function: office, meeting room, public toiletsite-office-2



Project Name: Qatar Military Camp

Customer: Montaha

Project Location: Doha, Qatar

Number of modules: 200 units container house

Building function: office, accommodation, bathroom, kitchen, restaurant



Project Name: Somali Prefabricated Box School

Customer: Rabindra

Project Location: Somalia

Number of modules: 112 units container house

Building function: student classroom, student dormitory, office, toilet.